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Someone who previously did not have a whole lotta free time but now recently found herself with a whole lotta free what to do with a whole lotta free time? Rekindle old interests and pick up new ones!

Baking: Emilio’s Square Cheesecake

Cheesecake is amazing. So many different varieties – you have the dense and creamy New York variety, to the almost sponge cake-like Japanese cheesecake. Many take a more traditional cream cheese approach, but some use ricotta, marscapone, or an even … Continue reading

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Looking Back at 2011 and New Years Resolutions

2011….ahh.  A year where the St. Louis Cardinals watched as the our Giants went through the pomp and circumstance during opening day/night, celebrating their championship, then turned around and WON the whole damn thing when nobody saw them coming.  A … Continue reading

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Fallen off the face of the blogosphere

So it turns out I haven’t blogged since August.  It may or may not have had to do with starting a new temp job, and moving, and all this other craziness…but that’s life, yeah? So instead of attempting to catch … Continue reading

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Save The City Graphics

Despite the name of my blog, I have not, in fact, had a whole lotta free time lately (more details in another blog, cuz I want to make sure to spotlight this one).  Frisco Fastball, another awesome blog, has written … Continue reading

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SF Giants Breakfast With Champions Event

This event was pretty cool! It was last Saturday before the Giants/Phillies game, hella early in the morning…but it was worth it.  Tickets to this event were sold only to season ticket holders but I was fortunate enough to get … Continue reading

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My birthday wish

I have two this year – one silly, one serious. Silly: to become adept at painting my own nails. I have no skills right now…too jittery and really just not patient enough. Right now I’m rockin’ OPI’s Katy Perry collection, … Continue reading

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Sugar…wait, HOW much?

A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words. Kinda cheesy, but very true in these following pictures. Introduction: I got this in an email and felt compelled to share it because of my own reaction to it.  Hopefully this’ll serve … Continue reading

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