Save The City Graphics

Despite the name of my blog, I have not, in fact, had a whole lotta free time lately (more details in another blog, cuz I want to make sure to spotlight this one).  Frisco Fastball, another awesome blog, has written this blip that perfectly explains the travesty going on with MLB and The City Graphics, a personal website of a wonderful designer that has not tried to make a buck off MLB.  I often chat w/ Jae Wong through his Twitter and Facebook and know he is a life long fan very passionate about baseball and the Giants.  Please read below:

The City Graphics is a FANTASTIC unofficial San Francisco Giants blog which specializes in amazing San Francisco Giant (and other Bay Area) themed graphic designs. Even if you don’t know the website, you most certainly know the work of Jae Wong. I’ve linked to it here on Frisco Fastball many times but unfortunately, Major League Baseball has taken a non needed hard stance versus their designs, sending them a cease and desist from using any MLB or San Francisco Giants logo’s or graphics.

It would be one thing if The City Graphics was selling merchandise with logo’s, etc, but they’re not – it’s simply a fan site doing what they do best – being a fan.

You can follow the situation on Twitter by following TheCityGFX and using the hashtag #SaveTCG.

Just a really poor choice by the MLB legal team.

Save The City Graphics!”


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