SF Giants Breakfast With Champions Event

This event was pretty cool! It was last Saturday before the Giants/Phillies game, hella early in the morning…but it was worth it.  Tickets to this event were sold only to season ticket holders but I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some. It was basically a Q&A with specific groups of players, with some time for fan questions too.  I mostly took videos, which you can check out here on Youtube.  There’s 20 total but they are all pretty short. After all, you get kinda tired holding up that camera after awhile!  Sorry about the quality/shaking.

FYI – these were shot on my Canon digital camera (purple!!), which I’d bought last year before graduation specifically because it has 14x optical zoom.  I definitely used it that Saturday and then some. The really pixel-y looking shots are probably from when I ventured out of optical zoom and into digital zoom.

Anyway, onto some pictures!  I really don’t have many because the videos took up so much space. This is the first time I’ve ever used up all 8gb on my memory card.  Hopefully I will get to attend more of these cool events!

1.  While eating our grab n go breakfast, we watched some episodes of the Franchise and Inside the Clubhouse. They played the one where Mota says “Affeldt is a douuuuuche”. I nearly died!

2.  Of course, Lou Seal and the trophy were in attendance.

3.  Kruk, Larry Baer, Flemm, Panda, Beltran, and Boch – this was the first panel of three moderated by Kruk and Flemming. I don’t have a picture of the second panel, but it was Vogelsong and Lopez.

4.  The last panel of Kruk, Ross, Posey, and Flemm. It was so sad to see Posey on his one crutch but at least he’s more mobile now!



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