My birthday wish

I have two this year – one silly, one serious.

Silly: to become adept at painting my own nails. I have no skills right now…too jittery and really just not patient enough. Right now I’m rockin’ OPI’s Katy Perry collection, the “Not Like the Movies” color. It looks silver/gray in room light but flashes green with a little purple in the sunlight. So gorgeous…but would be more gorgeous if I could do it evenly and wait for it to really dry!

Serious: to find another job that makes me happy. Preferably as a DA, preferably practicing law…but life is short. I just wanna be happy, and at this juncture I am not sure what that means I’d be doing.


About wholelottafreetime

Someone who previously did not have a whole lotta free time but now recently found herself with a whole lotta free what to do with a whole lotta free time? Rekindle old interests and pick up new ones!
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