Potpurri – Strange Stories in the News

Another Giants loss. Another stupid Giants roster move. What are the Giants thinking, sending down Belt again in favor of DeRosa? If this is his last chance to prove himself, then hurry up, stick him in there, decide what Giants fans already know (that DeRosa is don-zo and probably has been for the past year and whatever), and DFA him. Move on. #FreeBelt

Must console myself with reading some strange stories on the interwebs.  Here’s five gems for ya!

1.  This first one really isn’t that strange because any of my lovely fellow law peeps would tell you that NOTHING…and I mean NOTHING (not even labor) would have kept them from finishing that damn test just to avoid taking it again.  This lady literally went into labor while taking the Illinois Bar.  She was on the afternoon portion of the MBEs (multiple choice from hell for you non-law kids) and experiencing contractions 15 minutes apart.  I knew two people who were pregnant while studying for the Bar. I already had a hard time imagining trying to study while in that delicate state. Imagine taking the test and being in labor! Props, and cute baby!

2.  This one is nothing like the first but good for a giggle.  So one of my cousins and his long time fiancee are getting married in one month from today! Another cousin and I have chatted about what kind of weddings we’d want, and the idea of a destination wedding has come up. I mean, it would be pretty unique, undoubtedly somewhere beautiful…and now I think I’ve found the perfect place!  I mean, who doesn’t wanna have their wedding in Jamaica? I always imagined I’d be a flowing bride in white, donning a veil and a pair of extra sharp incisors…or for Jack Sparrow to declare “I now pronounce you pirate and wench!”  All packages include wedding cake, free t-shirts, and a 5×7 to commemorate the moment that you’ll look back on 10 years and think, “What the hell was I thinking?”

3. People collect coins, stamps, and all sorts of things. I myself have a collection of shotglasses from places I’ve been, and some I bought just because they were unique.  And of course, being a Giants fan I have some bobbleheads but I do not collect them with any sort of regularity.  This is definitely a new one though…people who collect lottery scratchers. Nothing wrong with it in concept…it’s actually kinda cool since I’m sure it’s cool to see how they’ve changed over time. BUT, what about some of these people who collect them and leave them in pristine condition?  I mean, don’t you wanna know what’s underneath that layer of silver, so easily removed using your loose change? It would kill me! 🙂

4. Sounds like these female moose know the system.  Is this protest moaning like the human equivalent of batting eyelashes at or flirting with two guys at once?

5. Good for Ukraine. I’m surprised PETA didn’t get their hands on this story earlier. How does one even get close enough to a bear to force it to drink vodka??






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