PlumDistrict Discount Code good for this week only

In the age of Groupon, LivingSocial, (and now Google Offers…geez!) etc., PlumDistrict is another company in the running.  Apparently their catch line is “For Moms, By Moms”. Well, when I signed up for it a long time ago I sure as heck didn’t know that, but whatever.  It’s not one of the sites I visit regularly, but I do get their emails.  I got this discount code through an email this week and wanted to share it with you all. I used mine to get $6 off a 1-hour massage/chiro adjustment in South SF.

If you aren’t signed up yet, please follow this link so I get a bonus for referring you! Use promotional code “inwithnew” for 20% off any purchases this week.  This email was sent out yesterday, so I assume it’ll expire sometime Saturday or Sunday. Enjoy!


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