Potpurri for today…


1.  Text “SLUMBER” to 80899 to win two tickets to the Giants vs. Pirates game on August 10th, and two tickets to the slumber party after!

2.  Text “KNBR” to 80899 to win…something. I got a fleeting glance of this one on a billboard on a passing Muni bus, so I dunno what it is! However, when I texted it  I did get an acknowledgement text back so it really is a contest 😛

Random iPhone/iPad apps:  You ever go on the app store just to surf and look at the apps that are out? I do…and here’s my sampling of some that I’ve seen over time that really make you believe in Apple’s catchline, “There”s an App for that!” (some ludicrous, some actually useful)

1.  Pimple popper: Yes, it really is what you think it is.  I found this one a few months back by perusing the most popular apps and this was one of them! Chris and I downloaded it just to see what it was all about. Apparently there’s whiteheads, blackheads, etc. that you are responsible for popping.  When it’s popped, the female goes “ahhhh” in relief. LOL. Needless to say we deleted that one right after trying it out.

2.  iAugment:  You can place breast implants on any body to see what that person would look like with a boob job. According to this article, you can even post the results on Facebook and show the world! How ridiculous!  Jezebel also did a piece on trying it out on a picture of Keira Knightley.

3.  Evernote:  I actually use this both on my iPad and the iPhone.  I like it because it you can type up notes and it’ll sync between your devices automatically as long as the device is connected either on the data network or on WiFi. It’s seamless and doesn’t require prompting.  If you’re not connected (let’s say on my iPad I’m not connected to a WiFi network) then it’ll wait until you are connected again and upload immediately when you are.  Very helpful for when you need to jot something down on the fly that you’ll need again. For instance, it’s a great one for jotting down your confirmation # for the upcoming flight you have. When it’s time to check in online, voila – there it is!  You can update notes if you need to add something. You can even add pictures and audio notes (haven’t done this yet so can’t speak to its usefulness). You can also share your notes via Facebook, Twitter, etc – it’ll create a public link for you.

4. Comic Book – I don’t actually have this one yet but I’m lusting after it.  It’s great because it works on both your iPhone and iPad (always looking for apps that do that because who the heck wants to pay twice? Or look at a tiny one on your big iPad?)  Use your iPhone pictures and transform them using comic book styling tools like borders, comic fonts, even page layouts.  According to the description, you can share your art via Twitter, email, and save them to your photo library.  It’ll go on my list of things to consider downloading and actually paying for.

5. Audible – So in another post I talked about doing audiobooks. I mostly listen to KNBR when I’m in the car. Once in awhile I turn on music stations just to “keep up” and not look ignorant when so and so says “have you heard that new _____ song?”  Sometimes when I feel like a change of pace, I hook up the Audible iPhone app on my iPhone or iPad. Super useful! We used it recently at Buster Posey Bobblehead day while we were in line.  Since the books are downloaded onto your device, there’s no lag. Awesome.

6. MyVibe – I’ll leave that one for you to look up. :O

7. Tiny Wings – Ahh, this game will always remind me of Reno 2011, when my friends and I discovered this horribly addicting game. You are a tiny bird trying to fly, and you use hills to help you gain speed and height.  The graphics are kind of old school, but I think it’s that simplicity that attracts me to it.

8. Pocket Penguins – Brought to you by the California Academy of Sciences, it is a video app that hosts a live video stream of their penguins.  You can look at the main room, the penguins underwater, as well as where the biologists are. Feedings are at 10:30 and 3pm PST.  Great for when you need something to soothe you 🙂


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