Random Giants lovin’


Starting this post with some Buster Posey love. I have no doubt he would’ve been a part of the All-Star team if he didn’t get injured. His presence is definitely missed but I’m really hoping Eli Whiteside will be able to pull through for the team. It’s gotta be tough going from being a backup player to now starting almost everyday. I bag on him when he can’t block the backstop well, but he looked pretty good out there yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday’s game, did the alignment of the planets shift? Eli Whiteside and Pat Burrell each hit a triple?? Well, whatever it is, keep it up! Pat has looked absolutely horrible for awhile now, and I’ve been a proponent of NOT starting him. However, I feel that when a guy steps up and shows he still has a little somethin’ left (case in point: Rowand and Tejada even though I bag on them all the time) then it might be worthy to get em more playtime. Other than that, I say the everyday outfielders = Ross, Torres, Schierholtz. Those are my guys.

Starting to get excited about Saturday’s Giants/As game. Granted it’s at the less illustrious Coliseum, and I’ll have to sit next to some dude wearing an As jersey (Chris) but I swear their garlic fries are better. Some of you out there may say it’s sacrilegious to even suggest such a thing, but go and try em and then get back to me. It’ll also be refreshing to pay a bit less for food if I eat there. That’s definitely the downfall for being the World Champs!

Ending this post with a thought…Scott Cousins on the DL? Marlins flopping? Can you say…karma?


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2 Responses to Random Giants lovin’

  1. theresa says:

    YES…thank goodness for KARMA!!! And I guess I will either bring things to eat that compliment those Garlic Fries or just eat all of my dinner there.

  2. Kimberly Wah says:

    He’s a cutie…too bad he’s a Giants player.

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