Finding joy in the random things

On my way up to Sac today I decided to make a little stop in Oakland to use a Groupon that was going to expire in the next month or so. In my experience w/ stuff like Groupon, if you go too close to the expiration date places have less stock/appointments available. Anyway, it was a gift shop called Rockridge Home. Check out the reviews (including mine) on Yelp for more info. It was pricey but super cute, and they gift wrap for free! I may not have spent much if it wasn’t for the Groupon, but I had a few gifts to pick up and it definitely peaked my interest in this neighborhood too. It looks like the kind of neighborhood I’d love to live in because you’re able to walk everywhere. Kind of like downtown Palo Alto but maybe not quite as hip. Anyone know of any other cute places to check out in the Rockridge area?

Anyway, on my way there I saw some graffiti that said the following: “Stinky bums have stinky thumbs.” I know, it really makes no sense but it was so random I couldn’t help but giggle.

Another thing that made me happy: Learning that Michelle Branch will be at Alice’s Summerthing and has a new single out! She’s one of my all time favorites.

Final thing that made me happy (just now): Another Giants win! Another torturous 9th Inning with Brian Wilson. Still first place in NL West…yeahh!! And Panda’s back!!!


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Someone who previously did not have a whole lotta free time but now recently found herself with a whole lotta free what to do with a whole lotta free time? Rekindle old interests and pick up new ones!
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