On the road again?

Well, I dunno…maybe! Read on…
  • Boston:  So a very dear friend of mine moved to Boston last year to intern at America’s Test Kitchen.  She loved it there and is now trying to get a job there.  She recently came back to California to pick up her car + stuff and plan her driving trip across the country back to Boston.  One hiccup she ran into was that she could not find a new place to live before she had to leave Boston, so she was stuck trying to do it from across the country.  Understandably that makes things a little harder without being able to meet the people you might move in with or look at the place, but she got it done somehow.  There were a few occasions while she was staying over at our place where I Craigslist’d on my computer while she was looking on her computer.  One particular listing kept popping up because it’s right near Davis Square, her target area, and apparently is still active!  She told me she kept seeing it during her searches. At first the listings straight up said “nudist” and that as time went on they changed to the much more gentle–sounding “naturist”.  Guess nobody has taken him/her up on the offer yet. Anybody up for a move to Boston? 😛 Would you rather be temporarily transitory or live with a “naturist”?
  • On a related note:  This friend did something I am very proud of her for doing – driving all the way across the country by herself with a car full of her worldly goods…despite knowing that she did not have a place to live when she got to Boston (that’s since changed, yay for not being homeless).  She drove from Sacramento –> Boston in the span of four days, making stops in Salt Lake City, Utah; North Platte, Nebraska; Chicago, Illinois; and Binghampton, NY.  She initially was going to stop in Elmira, NY but Chris and I stopped her from that one…on two of those stops she had nowhere to stay for the night (Nebraska and NY), so we looked up and booked a place for her to stay while she was driving.  When we started on the Elmira search, Chris found out that apparently there’s a nearby prison so a lot of sex offenders stay in Elmira right when they first get released.  Dear friend, you’re welcome. Anyway, long story short….I don’t think I would be brave enough to do that by myself. Glad you got there safe and are not homeless!  One day I’d like to do that drive, but it would probably be with at least one other person and probably just for travel, not for moving.  Thoughts from anyone who has already done this?
  • Orange County:  OK, now this is not a very long trip and yet I’ve actually never done the drive by myself. Every time I’ve gone down to SoCal I’ve driven with at least one other person.  I have a job interview in OC next Monday that I can’t decide whether I will go to or not.  I was initially going to fly, but plane tickets are so expensive that I can’t afford them.  It probably seems more expensive because I haven’t fully convinced myself that I would actually move to OC if I were to get this job.  So, now I’m thinking about driving down there…more to come on this one.
  • Portland: Already got plans to go here in the middle of July for a wedding.  Any suggestions on what I should check out?  Someone has suggested the Pearl District and, of course, we’ll be checking out some food places like Voodoo Doughnut.  This blogger, Noble Pig, did something I’m thinking about doing too – a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives tour of Portland. Suggestions greatly appreciated!

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Someone who previously did not have a whole lotta free time but now recently found herself with a whole lotta free time...so what to do with a whole lotta free time? Rekindle old interests and pick up new ones!
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