First real blog. Ramble on.

Things I’ve started doing recently:

  • Watch random baseball games on my iPad (gotta love MLB At Bat’s archived games).  Right now I’m watching the game from Friday, which I actually was at AT&T Park for….but every time I go to the ballpark I find myself missing Kruk/Kuip/Miller/Flemming and company.   I swear one day I’m gonna be one of those old people at the park by themselves with headphones on, listening to KNBR.  Shout out to Troll Lady of section 318!
  • Playing HANGING WITH FRIENDS on my iPhone.  This thing is the devil! If you don’t have it yet, it is /the/ new game. Well, maybe it’s not new. Maybe it’s just new to me…but either way, I downloaded it today and have been glued to it on and off all day.  Right now I’ve got active games with Sarah from my last job, DJ C-Los, David ChangChang, and Chrisy.   Check it out and start a game with me if you want (apcheng).  And David ChangChang, “jeux” is not a word.
  • Craigslisting it up like it’s nobody’s business for a job.  Anybody wanna hire an attorney??? 😦 I’ve got jury trial experience and a good sense of humor!  I’ve even applied to non-attorney jobs but of course who wants to believe that someone who just went through 3 years of law school + the Bar wants to be an executive assistant or an office manager?  I wish someone was hiring for a food writer…I could totally do that!
  • Rekindled my relationship with Twitter (@fattygoesnomnom). I don’t actually tweet as of yet, but I’m following mostly for 1) food trucks/carts, and 2) Giants/sports news.  I’m probably too wordy to keep my thoughts to 140 characters anyway.
Any ideas for things I should get into/check out? Drop me a line…



About wholelottafreetime

Someone who previously did not have a whole lotta free time but now recently found herself with a whole lotta free what to do with a whole lotta free time? Rekindle old interests and pick up new ones!
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3 Responses to First real blog. Ramble on.

  1. theresa says:

    This will end up being a journal for you, sans any really embarrassing events!!!! And that’s good…one day you can show it to your children! 🙂

  2. Kimberly Wah says:

    Sometimes I like to look at “activities” in Craig’s LIst for interesting things: a support group for lonely people, a dude who wants to trade “massages”…or I will oftentimes look in “free stuff” to see whether I that old pool table left on the guy’s front lawn is in decent-enough condition, free dirt is another popular item.

  3. I LOVE looking at the free stuff section! I’ll work on a post about the funniest thing I saw on Craigslist recently.

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